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At MyNewBornJourney, we understand that preparing for your little one’s arrival involves numerous decisions and choices, especially when it comes to essential baby products.

We aim to simplify this process for you with our tailored baby shopping services. Our expert consultants are dedicated to ensuring a stress-free and personalized shopping experience, catering to your needs and preferences.

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 The Baby Registry List

  •   ​What is a Baby registry List ?
  • ​What Are the Essentials items ?
  • ​Why do you need each item ?
  • ​How and When to use all Items ?

Our comprehensive
'Mastering Your Baby Registry List' is your ultimate guide.
Gain confidence and expertise to navigate any baby shopping.

Ready to nail that baby shopping list like a pro?
Our 'Mastering The Baby Registry List' is here to make your life a whole lot easier.
Imagine easy-to-watch videos showing you all the must-have baby stuff, and how to actually use them
(trust me, it's a game-changer!).
But wait, it gets better!
We're working everyday to find the best deals and every discount possible, updating them regularly.
Plus, we'll guide you on making your own customized list.
It's like a shopping spree with your bestie, but with expert advice!
Let's do this together! Join our Guide and rock that baby shopping trip like a seasoned pro – you got this!"


With YOU....

  •   ​Total of 2 hours of video Call 
  • ​Personalized Consultation
  • ​Discounts Insights
  • ​In Store Shopping

Our Guided Experience
'Done with You' is your essential companion.
Having our expert next to you thru your Baby shopping ads an extra layer of Confidence and Peace of mind.

Embarking on the journey of baby shopping can feel overwhelming,
but our 'Done With You' service is designed to transform this experience into a guided and enjoyable process.
We offer personalized consultations where our experts meticulously go through every aspect of your Baby Registry List, providing tailored guidance on product selection, quantities needed, and how to use each item effectively.
Additionally, we don't just stop at advice; we're your companions during the shopping journey, offering insights on brands, securing discounts, and navigating through stores.
With our ongoing support, our goal is to ensure you feel empowered and well-informed, making this crucial phase both seamless and rewarding.


For YOU...

  •   ​Total of 5 hours of video Call 
  • ​Complete Done For you shopping
  • ​Discounts Updates weekly 
  • ​Unlimited messages until the end

Our Ultimate Experience
'Done For You' is Everything!!!
Having our expert Doing All the job and letting you stay only with the good decisions.

For ultimate convenience and peace of mind, our 'Done For You' service takes the helm of your entire baby shopping experience.
Our expert handle everything from recommending the best products to purchasing, ensuring quality and suitability, and culminating in a seamless delivery and setup of all chosen items.
This comprehensive service relieves you of the exhaustive task of baby shopping, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects while ensuring you're well-prepared for your newborn's arrival.

"Empowering Moms,
Supporting Families:
Your Ultimate Baby Shopping Solutions Await!"

"Hey there, I'm here once more to assure you that no matter the service you choose, our commitment remains the same: assisting you every step of the way. Whether it's our free baby registry list or our personalized shopping experience, we're here to make your life easier. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities. Trust us to provide what your family needs and make this journey smoother for you."

  • ​"Mom-to-Mom Expertise"
  • ​"Guided Family Convenience"
  • ​"Ongoing Support"
  • "Timely Updates"
  • ​"Customized Purchases"
  • ​"Hassle-free Delivery"
  • ​"Seamless Family Solutions"
  • ​"Tailored Family Recommendations"

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